Bath Oil Pearls and Beads

animal bath oil beads

As a kid growing up in the 90s, Bath Oil Beads were the best part of bath time. They were vividly colored, smelled amazing and came in countless shapes like pearls, ducks, frogs and penguins. Then in my late teens, Bath Oil Pearls seemed to be pretty much gone.

Nostalgic Bath Pearls

I guess nostalgia and random luck must have intertwined, but one day I just decided that those Bath Beads would be an amazing addition to LipBuzz. 

bath oil beads lipbuzz colored


We work with industry leaders to provide every nostalgic and new comer with amazing fragrances, soothing oils and colorful pearls. Our beads come in 4-packs for those who want to try out different fragrances, or in 10 and 20 piece jars. 


For the romantics, we provide Heart-Shaped Oil Pearls. For the classic nostalgic we have the regular sphere pearls. And for your inner child, we have the animal shaped beads. 


heart bath oil beads

Check them all out in our Bath Oil Pearls Section!

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