One Happy Day TikTok Affiliate

One Happy Day TikTok Affiliate

Today's Spotlight goes to OneHappy_Day on TikTok! She has over 20K followers to date and posts about Travel, Disney, National Parks and especially Family. Her motto is: Finding one happy thing everydayYou can find her TikTok Page here.

  • Platform: TIKTOK
  • Username: @OneHappy_Day
  • Followers: 20K
  • Niche: Family, Travel, Daily Tips
  • LipBuzz Affiliate Since: November 2022
@onehappy_day Ends Sunday January 1st at 9pm MST. Thanks for coming to this little side of TikTok. Thanks for the fun items! @#giveaway #happynewyear #KAYKissCountdown #90s #80sasthetic #bathbeads #bathroom #throwback ♬ original sound - One happy day

My New Year’s resolution is to be happier every day! Thank you for being an AMAZING CREATOR, @onehappy_day!

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