Why LipBuzz?

Kansas lip balm

Established in the Heartlands, we bring you Bath Oil Pearls, Hair Oil Capsules, Spa essentials, Candles, Incense, Diffusers, Jewelry and Lip Balms.

At the beginning, we wanted a product that would make cold midwestern winters a bit more bearable. One day we passed by one of the many local apothecaries and decided to try out a LipBalm recipe with local beeswax. 

The LipBuzz Lip Balms warmed the hearts of many and we wanted to continue bringing Joy to every hard-working midwestern. Today we proudly service all of USA.

Over time, we evolved into a comprehensive brand that favors Bath Oil Pearls, Spa items, Lip care, Aroma Diffusers, Candles and unique Jewelry.

LipBuzz was made with you in mind.

We bring elegance at affordable prices. 

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